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Monday, December 20, 2010

Denver @ Raiders 102

This was a great game! This is the Mcfadden catch that set up the Bush touchdown late in the game. Sorry it a little screwy in certain places. It was hard to record and go nuts at the same time!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raiders @ Jags

Oakland Raiders
Record 6-6
Home Record 4-2
Road Record 2-4
Avg Points Scored 23.6
Avg Points Allowed 22.4
Offensive Rank 16
Defensive Rank 13
Jacksonville Jaguars
Record 7-5
Home Record 4-2
Road Record 3-3
Avg Points Scored 21.4
Avg Points Allowed 25.0
Offensive Rank 17
Defensive Rank 25

December and Still in it

Well Raider Nation it's December and our Silver & Black are a .500 team. This is something we've all been waiting a long time for. Tom Cable managed to put together a stellar game last Sunday destoying the Chargers, sweeping them for the firt time since 2001. Pretty impressive. Jason Campbell seems to feel much more at ease in the offense, and Hugh Jackson called a hell of a game. Darren McFadden and Michael Bush showed everyone just jow dangerous that tandem can be.
Going forward, if Jason Campbell can become more comfortable utilizing his receivers and the O line can play every snap like they did against S.D. then theres no limit to what this talented team can do. Darren McFadden is an absolute menace to defenses and Michael Bush... well... Bush is a BEAST. Mike's just hurting folks out there. Not to take anything away from McFadden because we all know what happens when Darren is going full speed and lowers his shoulder. The excellent play of Marcel Reece, Jacoby Ford, and Louis Murphy has all played a major roll in this teams success.
The Raiders Denfense definitely has stepped up to another level. Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour are a great combination in the middle. Lamaar Houston is looking like a pro bowler in his rookie season. Rolando McClain has shown why the Raiders released Kirk Morrison to make way for the rookie. I don't think anyone missed the hit that he put on Darren Sproles last Sunday.
If the Raiders hold it together, go out there and "Cut it Loose" the next 4 games I don't think any of teams left to play can stop the Raiders.
I can tell haters are getting nervous because they seem to be much more aggressive and creative with their slander. Hell I even got into it with Warren Sapp via twitter just for being a hater. Two Charger fans called me every name in the book for hours via twitter the night before the game because I was posting Raider news. Needless to say that was extremely stupid on their part to be so cocky but what else would you expect from a Charger fan. There's always been Raider haters but now they're pissed because they all look like fools. All the sports networks that vote week in and week out against the Raiders still wont give them any respect. But that's OK Raider Nation. The Raiders will respond and take their respect. Just as I told one of my followers today, One game at a time I will watch my Raiders shock the world! It is time Raider Nation to represent our team bigger and badder then we ever have in the past.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Autumn Wind

The atmosphere is changing in Oakland. I believe much of this success and change can be credited to Tom Cable and Hugh Jackson. Now lets get past the hype because I truely think that all the rumors of Al Davis taking control are garbage. The reason? Well its simple, Cable is a fighter. He knows what to take the distance and he also knows what to let go. Hence the new found chemistry in Oakland. I also believe Cable knows whats best for the Raiders no matter what was said previous. I dont know why this is so difficult for the NFL world to comprehend. Andy Reid did the exact same thing with VIck and Kolb. Reid got a little flack and it was over. Tom Cable does this and now Al Davis is running things again and its all doom and gloom for the Raiders right? Wrong. This is the haters doing what they do best. Even the Bay Area sport networks will not give the Raiders any credit. The bloggers and tweeters for the Raider Nation are working overtime to make sure fans get a little something. While the haters work overtime as well. Its funny you can hear a 15 minute segment about how the culture is changing for the 49ers after 1 ugly win against the Rams. Wow! But when it comes to Oakland, well we have to win consecutive Super Bowls and people will still hate its a fact.
So lets focus on what we know. We know the team is coming together more and more each week. There is a new star every week. Seymour and company are hurtin' folks and Darren McFadden well... I think Mcfadden has more skill than most of these backs they're giving all the credit to. I also think Jason Campbell is getting nice and comfortable with Jackson's offense. We also know that we havent seen play like this in many years. No one is going to be happy for us so we may as well get used to it. Tom Cable has brought the swag back to Oakland and people hate it! I must admit I had more than my fair share of doubts with Cable taking over but I'll be the first to admit Cable has done an excellent job this year of having a vision and letting nothing compromise it. Hugh Jackson has allowed Tom Cable to implement his total team plan by allowing him to focus on the entire team. And its working. So to my fellow Raider fans, we know what time it is and to all the many many haters keep on hating it seems to work for us. Bring it!

Patriots? Jets? Giants? There are no super NFL teams this season - Peter King -

Patriots? Jets? Giants? There are no super NFL teams this season - Peter King -
raiders legacy Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Raiders vs Chiefs Rivalry

The two teams first met in 1960 when the Chiefs were known as the Dallas Texans. The Texans defeated the Raiders 34-16 in the team's first game at Oakland, while the Raiders defeated the Texans 20-19 at Dallas.

The rivalry did not become so apparent until the Kansas City Athletics baseball team moved to Oakland, California in 1967. In 1969, the Kansas City Royals expansion team was placed in the same division as the Athletics. The move was met with considerable distaste in the Kansas City area and much of the frustration was put upon the Raiders when they played in Kansas City. The 1966 Chiefs team participated in the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game, later known as the Super Bowl. The Chiefs and Raiders both had identical 12-2 records in 1968 and faced off in a playoff game to decide who would go to face the New York Jets for the AFL Championship. The Raiders won 41-6.

The following year, in 1969, the Raiders defeated the Chiefs twice in the regular season and went on to win the AFL Western Conference title. The two teams met in the 1969 AFL Championship Game at Oakland and the underdog Chiefs won 17-7.The Chiefs participated in Super Bowl IV a week later and defeated the NFL's heavily favored Minnesota Vikings. It was not until 1976 that Oakland would finally win their first Super Bowl championship.

In the first meeting between the teams during the 1970 NFL season–both team's first in the newly merged NFL–the Chiefs held a 17-14 lead late in the fourth quarter and appeared ready to run out the clock. Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson rolled around right end and gained enough yardage for a first down, and as he fell to the ground, Raiders defensive end Ben Davidson dove into Dawson with his helmet; in retaliation, Davidson was attacked by Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor. After a bench-clearing brawl, Davidson and Taylor were ejected, and the penalties that were called nullified the first down under the rules at the time. Kansas City was forced to punt, and the Raiders took advantage, as George Blanda nailed a 48-yard field goal with eight seconds left to secure a 17-17 tie. The tie proved to be costly for the Chiefs, as Oakland clinched the first AFC West championship with a 20-6 victory in Oakland in Week 13. Due to this incident, the NFL changed the rules so that Davidson's personal foul would have been enforced at the end of the play, and Taylor's penalty would have been assessed only after the Chiefs had been awarded a first down.

The Chiefs defeated the Raiders by a score of 42-10 in the 1975 season, prompting the Chiefs' live horse mascot Warpaint to circle the field after each touchdown scored. After the game, Raiders coach John Madden said "We couldn't beat the Chiefs, but we damn near killed their horse."

The Raiders would go on to win two more Super Bowl titles in 1980 and 1983 while the Chiefs were considered to be one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Raiders won most of the games between the 1970s and 1980s. Following their victory in Super Bowl IV, the Chiefs returned to the playoffs in 1971, but lost in double overtime to the Miami Dolphins in the divisional round in the longest game in NFL history, the final game at Municipal Stadium. Following that loss, Kansas City did not return to the playoffs until 1986.

In the final game of the 1999 season, the Chiefs and Raiders faced off at Arrowhead Stadium. A win for the Chiefs would put them in the playoffs. A game plagued by special teams mistakes for the Chiefs, including three attempted kickoffs that ended up out of bounds by kickoff specialist Jon Baker, helped keep the Raiders in the game and stop the Chiefs from sealing the victory. The game went into overtime and, helped by favorable field position after the third and final kickoff out of bounds, former Chief Rich Gannon drove the Raiders into Chiefs territory, setting up the game-winning field goal and knocking the Chiefs out of the playoffs, their first win at Arrowhead since 1988.

On November 6, 2005 when the two teams met at Arrowhead Stadium, with five seconds left in the game, the Chiefs were trailing the Raiders by three and had the ball on the Oakland 1. Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil called for a touchdown instead of a game-tying field goal. Behind center Casey Wiegmann and 10-time Pro Bowl right guard Will Shields, running back Larry Johnson dived over the pile into the end zone for a 27-23 victory that brought a roar from the sellout crowd and left the emotional head coach in tears. The drive began with quarterback Trent Green driving the Chiefs 72 yards downfield. Green attended his father's funeral just four days earlier.

On October 21, 2007, the Chiefs defeated the Raiders for a record ninth straight victory. Also, for the third time straight time, the game ended with an interception by Chiefs safety Jarrad Page.[21] For the eighth time in the Chiefs' nine victories, the margin of victory was within 7 points or fewer.

The two teams met again on November 25, 2007 when the Raiders won their first AFC West divisional game since 2004 after losing 17 straight. It was the Oakland's first victory over Kansas City since December 23, 2002. On November 30, 2008, the Chiefs defeated the Raiders for the sixth consecutive time in Oakland.[22] In Week Ten of the National Football League season, on Sunday November 15, 2009, the Chiefs beat the Raiders 16-10 in the Oakland Coliseum for the Chiefs' seventh consecutive victory in Oakland.

For the National Football League Week Nine, these two bitter rivals will play in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on Sunday November 7, 2010. This will mark the 99th time these teams have met in the regular season and 102nd overall. Fittingly, for the two rivals, their last regular season game will be played on January 2, 2011 in NFL Week Seventeen of the 2010 regular season. This game will be played nearly 41 years from the day of the final AFL game ever played, the AFL Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders played on Sunday January 4, 1970. This game will also serve as the 100th regular season meeting between these two rivals. This will also serve as the 40th time time these two bitter rivals have played in Arrowhead Stadium

Source - Wikipedia

WEEK #8 2010 Season Seahawks Vs Raiders "Consistency"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

(3 of 3) run some of that trademark Pete Carroll Nickel D I think a few draws to Darren will end that.
(2 of 3) wins and get them on track. I expect to see big things from McFadden. No one can expose a crease like DMAC the there's hole in the Seattle D. If they
(1 of 3) It's great to see the analysts on the NFL network finally give the Raiders some respect! The Silver & Black are in great position to have back to back

Oakland Raiders 2010-2011 - Nice Video!

Team Totals

Team Totals
Team Opponents
First Downs 143 129
Third Downs Made/Att 36/101 35/91
Third Down Percentage 35.6 38.5
Fourth Downs Made/Att 4/9 1/4
Fourth Down Percentage 44.4 25
Avg. Time of Possession 31:40 28:19
Total Yardage 2383 2318
Yards/Game 340.4 331.1
Yards/Scoring Play 17.5 17.3
Penalties 65 51
Penalty Yards 552 563
Fumbles/Lost 17/2 12/8
Interceptions Thrown 8 3
Sacked 20 16
2-Pt Conversions Made/Att 1/1 0/0
1st Quarter Scoring 62 34
2nd Quarter Scoring 40 55
3rd Quarter Scoring 38 45
4th Quarter Scoring 39 31
Overtime Scoring 0 0

© 2010 STATS LLC

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 7 Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos 10-24-2010 HD Highlights

In my 22 years as a Raider fan I have never been happier with my team. Its about damn time the NFL and all the fans watching see that the Oakland Raiders are for real. I heard so many so called analysts talk bad about our Silver & Black. They all said Orton would keep us busy and the Denver running game would hurt the Raiders... well as we all saw they are not hired for their brains. However I do give a few of them alot of respect for telling it like it is after they saw the all out rompping of the Donks. One analyst from the NFL Network stated any team that can put up a 59 spot on any team in the NFL is for real. Thank You. At long last we finally get a little love. Darren McFadden was Dieons number 2 primetime pick only falling short of first due to DeAngelo Hall's stellar performance. Dieon is not one of my favorite people to say the least but he got it right this time. Big ups to DeAngelo Hall, what a game. Dieon stated that the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs were just "trick or treating" and that the San Diego Chargers had all the tools to win. Excuse me!? How does that even make sense? Based on what exactly? Their 5 losses to teams they should have won according to you analysts? You've got to be kidding me! Hey Dieon gimmie a call sometime and I can tell you all the reasons you're wrong.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oakland Raiders vs San Francisco 49ers Highlights 10-17-2010


Well... I dont know guys. I wrote a post earlier this month about Jason Campbell explaining why I thought that maybe JC has been judged a bit prematurely. I want to fully retract my statements. I know Campbell had a hurt knee. I get it. I'm sorry though a 10.7 QB rating? You gotta be F@#*in kidding me. Im not quite sure how the man can come out and beat the the Chargers off the bench and go against less of a team the next week and completely flop. If I can see the better option to throw to from my couch JC should be able to see it. On the run I get it, spur of the moment gotta go, gotta go but he had some time back there on several occasions and blew it. I was almost relieved to hear Kyle Boller was the probable starter. So where do we go from here? First off we need Bruce. Plain and simple. With the trade deadline over it is what it is. I think Bruce has earned a place as this teams back up for sure. I agree that the Raiders should retain him for as long as possible. They have to figure out the starting QB once and for all. The Raiders need a franchise QB badly. All attention should be focused there. It has been a constant issue since Rich Gannon left. I do think we can beat Denver if Kyle Boller even has an alright game.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Never Say Never

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raiders @ 49ers

I don't think Bruce is going to be ready to play this coming Sunday again Bay area rivals San Francisco 49ers. I hope if he is still beat up the coaches make him sit. I'd love to have him in don't get me wrong but you all saw how he performed after he tried to come back into the game. JC will be ok if he can break the bad habit of always checking down to the short route. It's killing me. JC need to let loose and we saw that a little bit against the Chargers. If Bruce if still beat up rest him play Campbell but someone has got to get in this man's head. Get behind him and we'll be fine.

With McFadden being back at practice it is hopeful we will see the tandem healthy finally. And folks lets face it, Micheal Bush is a BEAST!!! He hurts people when he runs. And DMAC, well, you've watched the games. He has rushed for 392 yards in 85 carries with a TD. He has quieted the hype about him being a bust, now he's just got to stay healthy. Now put those two together and SF better hold on tight because no matter whos throwing the ball, SFs Defense has been so hot and those two can run all over good defenses. With Robert Gallery hopefully suiting up this good be great.
Love the classic Battle of the Bay showdown but this year I believe the Raiders will bury the 49ers.

Raiders getting respect

CLASSIC Raiders 9/10/78 - Holy Roller v. Chargers

Daniel Loper - "The Holy Loper"

WEEK #5 2010 Chargers Vs. Raiders "Determination"

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jason Campbell

I know I'll probably take some heat for this but I like the way JC played yesterday. He looked loose. He also looked like he wanted his job back. The few drives that sputtered out can not be blaimed completely on Campbell. Yes Bruce has flair, yes Bruce has high energy. He's a tough guy but Jason Campbell is our future. When he finally settled in he was impressive. Mistakes? Of course, but Gradkowski has been far from perfect. When he had protection Campbell played well. I think Campbell was pulled too soon. I also think that Campbell will get his shot, he will take his starting position back.

Jason Campbell Week 5 FULL GAME highlights

Oakland Raiders 2 Punt Blocks vs. Chargers Week 5 2010 [HD]

NFL Raiders vs Chargers 10/10/2010 -HD-

Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers 35-27 HIGHLIGHTS Week 5

Friday, October 8, 2010

2010 week 4 Raiders vs Texans hilightz

Raiders vs. Chargers

Now call me bias, but I really think the Raiders can pull this one off. They should've won the last two and with a little better execution we could've won and been 3-1. Of course all you Raider fans are aware of how difficult it can be to have silver & black coursing their veins. We are loyal! But I really think we can do this. Even with the injuries.
Michael Bush is more than capable to carry the load and Bennett can back him up. Bruce Gradkowski is all set for a breakout game. Now that he's learned to slide lol! I've seen him put up 23 in one game and 24 in the next. So I see it being a possibility. Again I am part of the Raider Nation but some people actually agree with me on this.
Coach Cable and his staff are trying any and everything to get this team fired up. Seems to be working. Cable also said players are standing up and claiming fault for their gametime mistakes. I'm sure that has not happened in some time.
Bottom line I do not think the Oakland Raiders are a bust like San Francisco. I think we are a work in progress and if you've truly watched the Raiders at all in the past 7 years you would know yes we are still losing, yes we are still giving up the run, yes we are making stupid mistakes and killing ourselves but... There has been MAJOR improvements on both sides of the ball. I do not think Cable should be fired. I do think Chaz Schillens needs to get off his ass and get on the field.

Under Construction

Raider Fans!!! I am not finished here yet I am still under construction so bare with me lol

Saturday, September 25, 2010

St. Louis Rams vs Oakland Raiders - September 19 2010

Raiders @ Cardinals : How I See It

I'm ready to see Oakland's offense come alive in this week match-up against the Cards. Some NFL analysts claim we will have a good ground attack but will struggle with the passing game. Looking at the facts of it we can dominate this game if Gradkowski and McFadden get on a roll early.
Darren McFadden is the #2 leading rusher in the NFL with 48 carries for 240 yards and a 5.0 avg. McFadden also has 8 catches for 63 yards and a TD. He has definitely has quieted most of the critics saying he may be another bust like JaMarcus Russell. A completely unfair comparison in my opinion. Darren McFadden is for real and I think we'll see him run loose in Arizona tomorrow.
Bruce Gradkowski If Bruce Gradkowski can come out on fire like last weeks game against the Rams, then I believe the Silver & Black have a shot at a blowout. Think about how much confidence running up the score would bring to an offense that has had issues with putting up points. I think Bruce is the man for the job. Our offensive line needs some work so having a very mobile and explosive QB under center helps solve that problem. His energy is well accepted by the entire team. I hope to see continued involvement of Darrius Heyward - Bey, Louis Murphy, and Zach Miller. This is the time for our go to players to show the critics they are indeed weapons.
Defense as always D will have to have a great game. I'm predicting a huge performance from several players and I think we will be solid at stopping the run. Our Linebackers will step up against the Cards offense. I think Tim Hightower is going to have a long day as long as we come out fired up.
All in all my prediction is Raiders 24 Cardinals 10, Gradkowski 20-31 265 yds 2 TDs, McFadden 22 carries for 118 yds TD

Friday, September 24, 2010

In goood hands

While the benching of starting QB Jason Campbell was needed, the move created controversy. Coach Tom Cable handled the barrage of question well. "The reasons are pretty simple," Cable said. "First and foremost is the energy and the level of intensity that was brought into the huddle when he came into the game. The way the guys responded around him. And, obviously, scoring points. ... That's what we're about. If we can get this thing to where we can score 24 points a game, I think we'll be very tough to beat." Also Cable made sure to mention this is not going to be an issue in Oakland stating "When we did it, obviously, it was the right decision. It worked, and then as we talked about it here the last couple of days and came to a decision this morning," Cable said. "Again, we've made it, and there's no issues or controversies or anything like that. The decision's been made."
I truly think Bruce is the immediate answer to Oakland's stagnant passing game. Again the energy he gives our team that added boost we need on both sides of the football. I also think it is a great idea to make the move now to get Bruce a little more acclimated to being the startee because do not forget Raider Nation we face the Texans next and they seem to be for real this season.
I have been quite impressed by our Linebacking group. I love the new nick names for those of you that did not see the twitter post it is "Warden Wimbley welcomes you to Death Ro at San Quentin." Those Cardinals better beware. Especially be aware of Rolando McClain. He has proven he will destroy you!

Bruce Must Produce

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ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Bruce Gradkowski's excitement over being appointed the Oakland Raiders' starting quarterback didn't last long. The journeyman backup, having seen the team already make one change after just six quarters, realizes there isn't much job security.

Gradkowski on Thursday worked through his second full practice since coach Tom Cable picked him to replace Jason Campbell as the Raiders' starter.

The promotion capped a 10-month stretch during which Gradkowski suffered two season-ending knee injuries, tore a pectoral muscle, then watched as Oakland cut former No. 1 overall draft pick JaMarcus Russell, traded for Campbell and immediately named him the starter on the eve of training camp.

Despite receiving reassurance from Cable otherwise, Gradkowski isn't taking anything for granted.

"No matter what Coach said, you just never know," Gradkowski said. "Winning's the name of the game, and if I'm not getting it done, I'm sure he's going to try to find someone else who will. You just have to respect that."

It's the quickest non-injury-related quarterback change the Raiders have made since returning to Northern California in 1995. Aaron Brooks was replaced by Andrew Walter in Week 2 during the 2006 season after injuring his throwing shoulder.

This is nothing new to Gradkowski. He came off the bench to replace Russell midway through last season and led the Raiders to wins over the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers in his first three starts before suffering the season-ending knee injuries in Week 14.

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That made Gradkowski somewhat of a folk hero in Oakland, where fans had grown bitter because of Russell's poor performances and lackadaisical attitude. In four starts, Gradkowski passed for 844 yards and six touchdowns with one interception. His 89.7 passer rating as a starter was easily tops among the three quarterbacks Oakland used last season.

Just as quickly as his popularity with the Raiders was taking off, Gradkowski was injured. The misfortune continued during the offseason when Gradkowski tore a pec muscle while lifting weights, shelving him for most of the Raiders' offseason workouts.

That was followed by a groin injury, suffered early in camp, that cost Gradkowski two weeks, giving Oakland more reason to go with Campbell as the starter.

"Last year was last year, and you've got to get it done this year," Gradkowski said. "Coach Cable sat us down and told us the news, and I was excited. But the excitement ends right there. I really haven't done nothing, in my mind."

While Gradkowski answered questions about the quarterback change at a podium adjacent to one of the team's three practice fields, Campbell politely declined to be interviewed when approached inside the Raiders' locker room.

"I can't talk to you guys," Campbell said. "I would, but (the Raiders) asked me not to."

For more on the Oakland Raiders, check out the latest from our bloggers.

» Blog Blitz: Raiders
Campbell, whom Raiders owner Al Davis compared to two-time Super Bowl winner Jim Plunkett shortly after the April trade with the Washington Redskins, has a 61.9 completion percentage this season, but he passed for just 267 yards and led only one touchdown drive in 1½ games. He also was sacked six times, a key issue given Oakland's pass-protection problems.

Cable cited the energy that Gradkowski brought to the Raiders' huddle as a factor in making the change and said the quarterback's handling of his own health issues over the last year increased his popularity in the locker room.

"What it does more than anything, it earns the respect of your teammates, to battle through all those things and still stand tall," Cable said. "He didn't panic. He was very disappointed ... but the thing about Bruce is whatever curveball you throw at him, he just takes it and keeps pushing."

Notes: The Raiders added rookie Quentin Scott and re-signed S Stevie Brown to their practice squad. To make room, they cut LB Slade Norris. ... LG Robert Gallery (hamstring) didn't practice and is questionable to play Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, Cable said. WR Chaz Schilens (foot), LB Travis Goethel (back) and DT John Henderson (foot) also are questionable. S Michael Huff (headache) was limited, but RB Michael Bush (broken thumb) and DT Richard Seymour (hamstring) didn't have any restrictions.

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