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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Autumn Wind

The atmosphere is changing in Oakland. I believe much of this success and change can be credited to Tom Cable and Hugh Jackson. Now lets get past the hype because I truely think that all the rumors of Al Davis taking control are garbage. The reason? Well its simple, Cable is a fighter. He knows what to take the distance and he also knows what to let go. Hence the new found chemistry in Oakland. I also believe Cable knows whats best for the Raiders no matter what was said previous. I dont know why this is so difficult for the NFL world to comprehend. Andy Reid did the exact same thing with VIck and Kolb. Reid got a little flack and it was over. Tom Cable does this and now Al Davis is running things again and its all doom and gloom for the Raiders right? Wrong. This is the haters doing what they do best. Even the Bay Area sport networks will not give the Raiders any credit. The bloggers and tweeters for the Raider Nation are working overtime to make sure fans get a little something. While the haters work overtime as well. Its funny you can hear a 15 minute segment about how the culture is changing for the 49ers after 1 ugly win against the Rams. Wow! But when it comes to Oakland, well we have to win consecutive Super Bowls and people will still hate its a fact.
So lets focus on what we know. We know the team is coming together more and more each week. There is a new star every week. Seymour and company are hurtin' folks and Darren McFadden well... I think Mcfadden has more skill than most of these backs they're giving all the credit to. I also think Jason Campbell is getting nice and comfortable with Jackson's offense. We also know that we havent seen play like this in many years. No one is going to be happy for us so we may as well get used to it. Tom Cable has brought the swag back to Oakland and people hate it! I must admit I had more than my fair share of doubts with Cable taking over but I'll be the first to admit Cable has done an excellent job this year of having a vision and letting nothing compromise it. Hugh Jackson has allowed Tom Cable to implement his total team plan by allowing him to focus on the entire team. And its working. So to my fellow Raider fans, we know what time it is and to all the many many haters keep on hating it seems to work for us. Bring it!

Patriots? Jets? Giants? There are no super NFL teams this season - Peter King -

Patriots? Jets? Giants? There are no super NFL teams this season - Peter King -
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Raiders vs Chiefs Rivalry

The two teams first met in 1960 when the Chiefs were known as the Dallas Texans. The Texans defeated the Raiders 34-16 in the team's first game at Oakland, while the Raiders defeated the Texans 20-19 at Dallas.

The rivalry did not become so apparent until the Kansas City Athletics baseball team moved to Oakland, California in 1967. In 1969, the Kansas City Royals expansion team was placed in the same division as the Athletics. The move was met with considerable distaste in the Kansas City area and much of the frustration was put upon the Raiders when they played in Kansas City. The 1966 Chiefs team participated in the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game, later known as the Super Bowl. The Chiefs and Raiders both had identical 12-2 records in 1968 and faced off in a playoff game to decide who would go to face the New York Jets for the AFL Championship. The Raiders won 41-6.

The following year, in 1969, the Raiders defeated the Chiefs twice in the regular season and went on to win the AFL Western Conference title. The two teams met in the 1969 AFL Championship Game at Oakland and the underdog Chiefs won 17-7.The Chiefs participated in Super Bowl IV a week later and defeated the NFL's heavily favored Minnesota Vikings. It was not until 1976 that Oakland would finally win their first Super Bowl championship.

In the first meeting between the teams during the 1970 NFL season–both team's first in the newly merged NFL–the Chiefs held a 17-14 lead late in the fourth quarter and appeared ready to run out the clock. Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson rolled around right end and gained enough yardage for a first down, and as he fell to the ground, Raiders defensive end Ben Davidson dove into Dawson with his helmet; in retaliation, Davidson was attacked by Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor. After a bench-clearing brawl, Davidson and Taylor were ejected, and the penalties that were called nullified the first down under the rules at the time. Kansas City was forced to punt, and the Raiders took advantage, as George Blanda nailed a 48-yard field goal with eight seconds left to secure a 17-17 tie. The tie proved to be costly for the Chiefs, as Oakland clinched the first AFC West championship with a 20-6 victory in Oakland in Week 13. Due to this incident, the NFL changed the rules so that Davidson's personal foul would have been enforced at the end of the play, and Taylor's penalty would have been assessed only after the Chiefs had been awarded a first down.

The Chiefs defeated the Raiders by a score of 42-10 in the 1975 season, prompting the Chiefs' live horse mascot Warpaint to circle the field after each touchdown scored. After the game, Raiders coach John Madden said "We couldn't beat the Chiefs, but we damn near killed their horse."

The Raiders would go on to win two more Super Bowl titles in 1980 and 1983 while the Chiefs were considered to be one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Raiders won most of the games between the 1970s and 1980s. Following their victory in Super Bowl IV, the Chiefs returned to the playoffs in 1971, but lost in double overtime to the Miami Dolphins in the divisional round in the longest game in NFL history, the final game at Municipal Stadium. Following that loss, Kansas City did not return to the playoffs until 1986.

In the final game of the 1999 season, the Chiefs and Raiders faced off at Arrowhead Stadium. A win for the Chiefs would put them in the playoffs. A game plagued by special teams mistakes for the Chiefs, including three attempted kickoffs that ended up out of bounds by kickoff specialist Jon Baker, helped keep the Raiders in the game and stop the Chiefs from sealing the victory. The game went into overtime and, helped by favorable field position after the third and final kickoff out of bounds, former Chief Rich Gannon drove the Raiders into Chiefs territory, setting up the game-winning field goal and knocking the Chiefs out of the playoffs, their first win at Arrowhead since 1988.

On November 6, 2005 when the two teams met at Arrowhead Stadium, with five seconds left in the game, the Chiefs were trailing the Raiders by three and had the ball on the Oakland 1. Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil called for a touchdown instead of a game-tying field goal. Behind center Casey Wiegmann and 10-time Pro Bowl right guard Will Shields, running back Larry Johnson dived over the pile into the end zone for a 27-23 victory that brought a roar from the sellout crowd and left the emotional head coach in tears. The drive began with quarterback Trent Green driving the Chiefs 72 yards downfield. Green attended his father's funeral just four days earlier.

On October 21, 2007, the Chiefs defeated the Raiders for a record ninth straight victory. Also, for the third time straight time, the game ended with an interception by Chiefs safety Jarrad Page.[21] For the eighth time in the Chiefs' nine victories, the margin of victory was within 7 points or fewer.

The two teams met again on November 25, 2007 when the Raiders won their first AFC West divisional game since 2004 after losing 17 straight. It was the Oakland's first victory over Kansas City since December 23, 2002. On November 30, 2008, the Chiefs defeated the Raiders for the sixth consecutive time in Oakland.[22] In Week Ten of the National Football League season, on Sunday November 15, 2009, the Chiefs beat the Raiders 16-10 in the Oakland Coliseum for the Chiefs' seventh consecutive victory in Oakland.

For the National Football League Week Nine, these two bitter rivals will play in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on Sunday November 7, 2010. This will mark the 99th time these teams have met in the regular season and 102nd overall. Fittingly, for the two rivals, their last regular season game will be played on January 2, 2011 in NFL Week Seventeen of the 2010 regular season. This game will be played nearly 41 years from the day of the final AFL game ever played, the AFL Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders played on Sunday January 4, 1970. This game will also serve as the 100th regular season meeting between these two rivals. This will also serve as the 40th time time these two bitter rivals have played in Arrowhead Stadium

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