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Monday, December 20, 2010

Denver @ Raiders 102

This was a great game! This is the Mcfadden catch that set up the Bush touchdown late in the game. Sorry it a little screwy in certain places. It was hard to record and go nuts at the same time!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raiders @ Jags

Oakland Raiders
Record 6-6
Home Record 4-2
Road Record 2-4
Avg Points Scored 23.6
Avg Points Allowed 22.4
Offensive Rank 16
Defensive Rank 13
Jacksonville Jaguars
Record 7-5
Home Record 4-2
Road Record 3-3
Avg Points Scored 21.4
Avg Points Allowed 25.0
Offensive Rank 17
Defensive Rank 25

December and Still in it

Well Raider Nation it's December and our Silver & Black are a .500 team. This is something we've all been waiting a long time for. Tom Cable managed to put together a stellar game last Sunday destoying the Chargers, sweeping them for the firt time since 2001. Pretty impressive. Jason Campbell seems to feel much more at ease in the offense, and Hugh Jackson called a hell of a game. Darren McFadden and Michael Bush showed everyone just jow dangerous that tandem can be.
Going forward, if Jason Campbell can become more comfortable utilizing his receivers and the O line can play every snap like they did against S.D. then theres no limit to what this talented team can do. Darren McFadden is an absolute menace to defenses and Michael Bush... well... Bush is a BEAST. Mike's just hurting folks out there. Not to take anything away from McFadden because we all know what happens when Darren is going full speed and lowers his shoulder. The excellent play of Marcel Reece, Jacoby Ford, and Louis Murphy has all played a major roll in this teams success.
The Raiders Denfense definitely has stepped up to another level. Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour are a great combination in the middle. Lamaar Houston is looking like a pro bowler in his rookie season. Rolando McClain has shown why the Raiders released Kirk Morrison to make way for the rookie. I don't think anyone missed the hit that he put on Darren Sproles last Sunday.
If the Raiders hold it together, go out there and "Cut it Loose" the next 4 games I don't think any of teams left to play can stop the Raiders.
I can tell haters are getting nervous because they seem to be much more aggressive and creative with their slander. Hell I even got into it with Warren Sapp via twitter just for being a hater. Two Charger fans called me every name in the book for hours via twitter the night before the game because I was posting Raider news. Needless to say that was extremely stupid on their part to be so cocky but what else would you expect from a Charger fan. There's always been Raider haters but now they're pissed because they all look like fools. All the sports networks that vote week in and week out against the Raiders still wont give them any respect. But that's OK Raider Nation. The Raiders will respond and take their respect. Just as I told one of my followers today, One game at a time I will watch my Raiders shock the world! It is time Raider Nation to represent our team bigger and badder then we ever have in the past.